It is an honor for me to encapsulate your placenta after birth. I maintain the highest standards in safety and quality.  All placentas are processed in a dedicated workspace used only for placenta encapsulation.  All equipment has been carefully chosen to maintain the integrity of the placenta throughout the process. Your placenta pills contain only processed placenta, with no additives of any kind.





Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

  • Help to balance your hormones
  • Assist the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy state
  • Reduce post-natal bleeding
  • Increase milk production 
  • Make for a happier, more enjoyable post-natal period
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Prevent and lessen the risk of postpartum depression or the ‘baby blues’ due to the hormone supply in the placenta that helps stabilize your own hormones
  • Replenish your iron from blood loss during birth and to prevent postpartum anemia.
  • Provide an ongoing source of the love and bonding hormone oxytocin.
  • Replenish your B vitamins and energy used in the process of growing and birthing your baby.
  • Protection from infection and bleeding
  • Providing natural pain relief. Baby blues can effect up to 80% of women within the first week of birth. Women who consume their placenta report fewer emotional issues and a more enjoyable babymoon. 
TCM Encapsulation

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this method involves steaming the placenta and dehydrating it at a low temperature, then grinding it into a fine powder and putting it into capsules.  I recommend taking 2 pills 3 times a day until they are gone.  

The Process
  • I use only temperature-controlled dehydrators to protect the integrity of the placenta throughout the dehydrating process.
  • I grind the dehydrated placenta into a fine powder to ensure that is dispensed evenly throughout the pills for consistent dosage. 
  • I only use specialized equipment that can be fully disassembled for complete sanitation after each individual placenta.
  • I keep your placenta labeled with your name during the duration of its transportation, handling, processing and shipping.
  • I visually examine each placenta for abnormalities and signs of deterioration, infection, or contamination before allowing encapsulation.
  • I use all natural gelatin or vegetarian capsules; gluten, GMO, and preservative free that are Kosher and Halal certified.

Placentas have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as long ago as in the 1500’s, which is longer than modern medicine has existed. It has been continued to be used due to an abundance of great properties believed to make a huge difference to a new mother’s mental health, recovery and well being. Cultures that find it customary to prepare the placenta for the mother or are known to consume part or all of the placenta include the Chinese, Vietnamese, Hungarians and Italians. These cultures believe that the placenta is rich in nutrients that will greatly assist the mother to recover from childbirth, including slowing and stopping hemorrhaging during childbirth and helping with milk supply. 

What You Receive

$250 for Encapsulation Services
(20% discount offered for doula, yoga and midwifery clients – use code CLIENT22 at checkout)
  • Phone or email consultation
  • Pick up and drop off service (the process takes about 24-48 hrs until capsules are delivered back)
  • 60-200 pills (depending on the size of the placenta)
  • Vegan/Kosher/Halal capsules available upon request
  • Preparation of placenta by Traditional Chinese Method
  • Guidance on pill usage and storage

Additional services

Placenta Tincture ($30)

A way to extend your placenta to use during menstruation, weaning, or even menopause. A small piece of placenta is fermented in a 2oz bottle of 100-proof vodka for at least 6 weeks. It is taken as drops under the tongue.

Placenta Print ($30)

Art prints are made using just the blood from placenta and cord as ink. I use archival use acid-free paper.

Cord Keepsake ($10)

A cord keepsake is made by forming the umbilical cord into the shape of a heart (or another shape that you request) and dried.