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How can you be a more empowered birther?

Hi there!

I'm Oona, a doula, childbirth educator, and student midwife.

I’m here for you, whether this is your first pregnancy, or you are expanding your existing family. Whether you’re birthing at home, a birth center, or a hospital, I’m here for you. 

Every person has a different idea of what birth is and what’s important to them. I’m here to help you create your own personal birth experience.  I’m here to educate you and supply you with the tools you need to feel empowered and strong and capable, just like every mother should be.


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Birth is beautiful. And education is power.
You can have the empowered birth experience you desire. You deserve it.

How we can work together

Prenatal Yoga

Prepare for your birth through yoga poses, breathing exercises, and guided meditations. A mind-body experience.

Childbirth Education

Learn the basics of pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care, breastfeeding, and how to navigate a hospital birth without stress. 

Labor Support

Have a doula with you during labor – a hand to hold, a compassionate ear, hands-on physical support and someone who knows pain coping strategies. 

kind words from clients and providers

  • I feel amazing. Not just proud of myself and emotionally good, but physically great too. Within hours of my baby’s birth I realized how different this recovery would be, and over the last month I have been amazed – my abs are intact and my core is strong, my pelvic floor is better than it has been in 3 years. I know that doesn’t really make sense after a vaginal delivery but it’s true! After my first baby I have had urinary incontinence anytime I jump/squat/jog etc and that is completely gone – I actually went jogging last week and had absolutely no problems. I can only credit this to yoga and many many hours spent on the exercise ball.
    – CL, mom and MD, Wimberley –

  • “Oona was an angel to the laboring woman (no family or support person), the nursing staff and to me that evening. She served as a very calm presence to an extremely needy and complicated woman who desired a natural birth. Oona’s presence truly changed the dynamic of this woman’s labor. No matter how rewarding a birth is for attendants, it can be draining physically and emotionally. Oona was steady, kind and patient. I was baffled she never stepped away for much deserved emotional breaks during the difficult and long labor. She never had an edge of impatience to her voice, nor wavered in “holding the space” for the mamma.”
    – SK, CNW, Austin –

    A hospitalist’s testimonial

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