Integral Yoga® Hatha Classes

  • This 60, 75 or 90-minute class includes a mix of floor and standing poses with an emphasis on breathing and alignment; classes over 60 minutes always ends with a guided relaxation (yoga nidra), breathing practices (pranayama) & a few minutes of meditation.

    Level I – For students interested in the traditional Yoga class. A comprehensive, balanced class with a steady flow, relaxation between asanas, and guided instruction throughout. An introduction to basic yoga poses (asanas), breathing techniques and meditation. First-time students are welcome.

    Level II – For students who are experienced with the yoga class format and are ready to move at a faster pace. New asanas, including mayurasana (peacock) and shirshasana (headstand), and kriya (purification) techniques will be introduced, along with advance breathing techniques (pranayama). This class has less instruction and less relaxation between asanas; asanas are held longer for an experience at a deeper level.

    Advanced workshops are also offered at various locations throughout the year.

    Private instruction also available.

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